Doylestown in December

Last minute session in Doylestown.   Countdown to Christmas crunch underway….

The weather was not favorable, misty wet outside and not much for natural light inside.  But the N. family wanted pictures while the grandparents were here, so we made the best of it.  Great crew, and the boys were really cute and seriously polite.  The big brother was so sweet and mature for his age.   Welcoming this recently relocated family to Bucks County.  Hopefully next time we get together the skies will be sunnier.  Looking forward to warmer temperatures already!

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……and Princeton once more

My apologies to the B. family, this late season became a bit crazy with sessions and I fell behind on a few blog entries.  Catching up just in time for the holidays…

Had a great time hanging out with these guys and getting to know them better.  Model material in this family, they know how to work the camera.  They did not need any direction, we could just hang out and enjoy the evening.  And by hanging out, I mean:  smile, snap a few shots, okay now walk fast!!  I have a few spots I want to hit on the other side of campus, let’s go!!!  Other than that, relaxing…

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Newtown in December

Warm December days in Newtown.  I am not sure how I feel about this global warming idea, but I have to say I am loving these extra comfortable days before the chilly ones settle in.

This sweet girl was awesome.  When I say we skipped our way around town, for her I mean it literally.  She looked adorable skipping the sidewalks with her fuzzy turquoise jacket, I do not even think she was aware of it most of the time.  Love kids with their own personality, she rocks it.

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Party of 3

Pretty much a perfect session.

Love photographing this age, love the energy & sweetness with this family.  Despite the lateness of the season, the temperatures are still great.  Luckily in locations like Lambertville we can find different textures for backdrops to make it work.   Thanks to the H. family for making this one especially great.

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Days to remember

Picture perfect family.

This fall season seems never ending, luckily the temperatures have not gotten too cold yet.  Locations with backdrops not dependent on nature save the day. Awesome family, so mellow and relaxed in between zipping around the campus to hit different scenic spots.  Thanks to the E. family for a terrific session, you guys rocked again this year.

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