Welcome little one

This proud four year old is settling into his life with his new baby brother.  It is hard for him to understand how this baby is going to grow up to his constant companion, when to him right now he looks like a lot of work for such a little guy.  The most touching parts of these newborn sessions are sweet moments with their siblings without a doubt.  I love to capture these moments as they gently kiss or hold this little stranger, who is going to transform the world of their family as they know it as there are more in this world to love unconditionally… how can there be a greater gift?  Welcome to the world baby T.

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Moravian museum in Doylestown

Sweet Doylestown.

I discovered this year that I have a comfort level shooting here.  I grew up in this picturesque little town, when I drive through I have fond memories that flash back to me as I look at familiar buildings and street corners.  Not sure why I have not made it over this way from Newtown to shoot here before, but I will definitely be coming back more.  Had a terrific first session with the P. family, I enjoyed getting to know their different personalities as this family enjoyed their evening together.  These girls are so different yet are so close to each other, great rhythm with this family.

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Sayen Gardens

Met with the L. family again this year, this time at the lovely Sayen Gardens.

A beautiful fall day late in the season.  Just a few shots to show off their session, these guys are always fun to spend time with.  Other family members jumped in too, which mixed it up a bit.   Every session has it’s own character and flair, which is part of the reason I love photography so much.  I have learned to just go with it, and let the session set the pace of it’s own and see what comes out of it.  Just gooo with it……

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Counting down to first baby

Beautiful soon-to-be mom enjoying this time of anticipation for her first baby.  

I can barely remember those days…  My first is now taller than me, which offers a daily reminder to how time is moving at a rapid pace.  The babies grow to be teenagers in a blink.  How does that happen?  My advice to you – take pictures!! Okay, sure it would be great if you asked me to, but I really mean to say do it yourself often, the big moments and little moments, with your point and shoot, cell phone (if you must) or whatever…  Just capture this time.  Document these days and your kids at this point in their life.  Print them (yes, you need to take action to get them out of your computer hard drive), place them all over your home and surround yourself with expressions you love.  Those little hands and chubby cheeks are changing by the minute.  You will never get these moments back again.   Cherish all of it.

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Home in New Hope

Home session in New Hope of this great family and their 4 gorgeous girls.

While I love going to scenic area location sessions, sometimes you just cannot beat the sentimental comforts of home.  Had a great time capturing the beautiful rays of sunshine streaming in around their house.   Their session was classic and timeless, which I think is the best way to capture their range of the teenager years.  You can tell the Dad is such a great sport with his outnumbered home full of ladies…

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