You might have one shot…

That was what the mom said when they first arrived to meet me in Princeton.  The little guy was going through a “mommy phase” and was not going to be likely to allow me to take his picture.   Ah… I thought, I have heard that before, he will warm up to me.  Used my tricks, gave him space, tried it all.  She was not kidding.  I got the one shot of the three kids looking happy, and luckily just as we were finishing up he allowed me one more with the three of them.  The lesson here parents… if any of your little guys are going through that, and most do at some point, you just might really need to be in the pictures with them for happy faces.  (The kids here were dressed perfectly, straight out of a magazine, but Mom and Dad were not expecting to be in this round so they were not dressed the part compared to their cute kids).  There is nothing like comfort of a small child within breathing distance of Mom and Dad.

That picture of the little man so cutely in front of the yellow leaves… his awesome Dad was working up a sweat running around with him on his shoulders, throwing him in the air….  Well done Dad!


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Autumn in New Hope

It had been years since I had seen this family, they were neighbors of ours when we lived in Yardley.  So good to see them after about 5 years, can’t believe the little guy was just a newborn when I knew them.  So hard to wrap my head around how the kids are growing so quickly.  Now their oldest daughter is a senior about to start a new chapter in her life.  So great to capture these days while you can, because they are passing so quickly….
so quickly.

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Senior in Pennington

Shooting senior boys are so different than the girls.  Huge stereotype here, but in my experience the girls love their senior portrait time to shine, while the boys are politely respectful… letting it be known to me that “I am doing this for my mom….”  These confident, handsome, world at their feet young men… taking care of the wishes of their adoring moms.  Love it.  Makes me think of my three boys, although the I think most photographers would say getting their own kids to cooperate year after year for them is a whole different beast… Congratulations J, your new adventure is about to begin.  Go boldly, but always keep the sweetness in looking out for your mother….

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Doylestown in October

This family knows how to rock a photo session.

When people ask for advice on how to approach their session, my best advice is how to point to this crew.  They had so much fun with each other, as they seemed to celebrate themselves and honor the uniqueness of their kids by letting them be themselves.  Don’r you just love the bow and the tie?  The mom said, “Well, that is just him.”  That is they key.  Bring yourself.  Come with the attitude that you are going to have fun and celebrate your party of however many, and your images are sure to be awesome.


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