House of boys

I expected this session to be rowdy with four boys… at least if those were my four that is what you could have expected.  But these guys were completely mild mannered and polite, although their mom assured me they could create quite a bit of noise at home when they wanted to (phew, surely she knows some great tricks that I am not aware of for collective peace and calmness).  Terrific session with these guys in Princeton.

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Last outdoor days

Last minute session to finish off the end of a very busy season.  This Dad is the best at making his kids laugh, nothing better than genuine happy faces in a family shot.  We made out way around the property to the nearby winery with blankets in between shots, literally finishing up right before the first snow of the year began to fall and blanket the November morning.  Thanks or hanging in there in the cold with me!

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Comforts of Home

Met with this family to capture some last images around their lovely home before their move to another.   Chilly fall evenings were setting in, and these girls were awesome as they relaxed outside as though they were perfectly comfortable, although in truth it was quite cold.  I try to encourage people by telling them about the supermodels that are freeeeeezing during their shoots in their teeny bikini’s.  Seems to help with the older girls, for the boys and younger girls not so much…

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