Family ties

These guys are THAT family, you know, the ones that dress up for halloween every year as a unified theme.

The boys have got it.  They are gorgeous, a bit of both of their parents in looks and spirit.  Their Mom and Dad are a dynamic team.  They work together, shop together, cook together, hang together…  It is all in the family.

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Baby blues

No offense to the brown-eyed people out there.   I am one.  Along with almost everyone in my family, without much exception.  Unfortunately for us brown-eyed people, as lovely as we may be, the baby blues are out there.  And my, my…they can be dazzling.

This lucky young lady has these beauties, in the middle of her otherwise brown-eyed family.  Just awesome.

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February at home

Home sessions are the only thing that beat outdoor sessions.    Especially for young kids.  There is nothing more comfortable than being with Mom and Dad, at home.

We hung out, the boys giggled while Mom and Dad whispered in their ears.  I am not sure exactly what was being shared, but all I needed to know is it worked magically.  Our session was mid-day, and we relied on the gentle sunlight.  Scroll down to the bottom for Mom’s belly shots.  That baby girl is going to fit right in with this fun family.

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