Fusion in action

I went to a game for the Fusion FC Bucks team over the weekend.  Love to watch these girls in action!  Their fast footwork and skills are phenomenal, hard to believe they are barely teenagers.  Great hustling girls!

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Lambertville evening

Absolutely adorable young family on a beautiful fall night.

No offense to anyone else out there, but I think this is one of my favorite ages to photograph.  My heart aches a bit as I observe their mannerisms, and their innocent joy in the simple moments.  The reality hits that my own kids are aging way too fast.

We changed locations a bit to shake up the scenery.  The kids were awesome, patient through the New Hope traffic as we moved between Lambertville and WC park.  These little guys could not have been cuter if they tried. Thanks to the T. family for a great evening!

Seriously deserving of the much anticipated lollipop.

What do you get when you promise a perfectly behaved four year old model that she is all done?   A woo-hoo!   Lollipop in hand, she happily skips away.

But she looked so cute from behind I just could not resist…..  I called her name for just one….more…..shot.  And this is the face that turns back to us.  Hysterical.

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Painted Dreams Horse Farm mini sessions

A special event of mini-sessions at scenic Painted Dreams Horse Farm.  Something so pure about a young rider’s devotion and love for horses.

Thanks to Painted dreams for hosting and for their help, it was a fun change of pace.

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Sweet at 10

Sweet and confident at 10.  She handles flying solo in front of the camera beautifully!

A brisk fall evening at home.  Not as cold as last year though, considering her last session we were wrapping L. in a blanket between shots to keep her warm.  It is not easy being a supermodel.

Thanks to the P. family for inviting me back to capture their lovely girl.

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Follow the sun

Lucky date, one of the last warm days of fall this year.  Hard to believe the next day would be seriously cold and wet.  Love these guys, they are so fun together.

We had a great session hanging out at their house with beautiful sunlight filtering through the trees.  One of the benefits of home sessions, everyone is relaxed in their own familiar space.  Terrific job M. family, thanks for trusting me to photograph your crew again.  You guys rocked it.

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