Princeton In November

My favorite location for 2012.  I know I already said that, but I really mean it.

Even after the storm, most of the foliage gone, this is still an incredible backdrop.  And I was not reprimanded this time for making too much noise with little ones outside of a scholar’s window.   This guy was brilliantly quiet as we moved around the campus and captured that great smile.  I really feel like I have done my job well when I capture the relationships, which I think came through beautifully in this family.  Even the Bailey the dog was feeling the love.

Terrific session L. Family, thanks.

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Penns Park

Heading toward the last days of this fall season.

These guys were troopers, it was getting a bit chilly as the sun went down.  Even the horse and dog were feeling the cool air.

Thanks so much to the Cardozo family for hanging in there, great session!

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We get together this time every year for a session.

The mom had some different thoughts on what she wanted this time.  Great suggestion for anyone with an upcoming session:  bring me printed (or email me) ideas you would like to try.  She wanted a more candid session, focused on their relationships and the kids.  They were so funny, whispering comments to make each other laugh. Whatever works… and I will never tell…  It stays in Vegas.  Love the rhythm of this family, and the closeness that can be felt between them as they hang out together.

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Beautiful Princeton.  My favorite spot for 2012.

I have to be honest, considering I do not think I could be much of a studio photographer, I am thanking my lucky stars we live in such a scenic area.  If we didn’t, I might have had to dial it back to recreational momtographer (catchy term being used, although I am not sure Webster has caught on yet.)  There is nothing like two young brothers sprinting to their victory through the brisk fall air,  surrounded by tall trees and gentle sunlight.  Real life.  It is my mission to capture it.

Love this family.  I am proud to say I have been a witness to their journey, met each of these kids when they were just a few days old for their first shining moments in front of the camera.  So rewarding for me to document their growth every year.  Thanks to the K. family for your loyalty and faith that together we will showcase their personalities and the love between them.  Now this is real life, right here.

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New Hope

Mini session with a great family around the streets of scenic New Hope.

The close relationship between these three came through in the images from our mini-session.  The foliage seems to be peeking this weekend, perfect evening for a fall session among the beautifully decorated streets.  Thanks J. family for spending this night with me.

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