October in Princeton

Beautiful fall day with a beautiful family in Princeton.  Love sessions like this, when the family brings their spirit and appreciation for each other, and it is merely my job to document it. Luckily this day I had an energetic photography student to work with me, thanks Lilly!

When someone tells me they have an 18 month old child, here are my thoughts:

1.  Awesome.  One of my favorite ages to photograph.

2.  Get ready to work for those images.

If you have a toddler at that age, you know what I mean. Independent, willful, and b-u-s-y.  The plan for that family image of sitting nicely in Mom or Dad’s lap is merely a wish list.   This gorgeous girl has allowed us a 17:1 ratio.  1 image of the family sitting together in the same focal plane t0 17 of her happily running away that is.   Gotta roll with it and love the uniqueness of this age.  Her older brother was fantastically patient in going with the flow (phew, thanks!)   Here is a glimpse of our evening together.www.thealbumcafe.com


On a personal note, if you think you might have been missing out on JE Portraits blog postings this year… it was I who have been guilty of neglect.  I have been caught up in the crazy pace of my life (or more accurately, my kid’s lives).   Spent the last few months trying to make sense of the blur our lives have become, the days feel like sand slipping through my fingers…

Steering my way back to my love of family photography.

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